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You are welcome to a fashion show of my collection brand E&L on 15 November 2021 at 14:00 at  18/7 Henerala Almazova St (office 6), 

M Pechersk, 02000 Kiev

I am Chebotar Eleonora - Artist and designer of womenswear - my E&L brand for elegant ladies, living in the beautiful country of Ukraine. Wife and mother of 2 sons. I am the founder of , designing men's style, dressed the most fashionable and self-sufficient men. Now it's your turn, my dear and Perfect ones, and believe me, I know how to open your eyes to the World of elegance and carelessness and beauty! Coquetry is the Victory of Reason over feelings - said Coco Chanel, who lived for 87 years, elegantly, but uncompromisingly changing the world of fashion forever. Thanks to her, we wear tight-fitting jackets that previously only men wore, a little black dress, against which any arguments are powerless in negotiations , luxurious fragrances that make us unique. Right now I am flying to Kiev especially for you! To share my secrets acquired by my years. I will introduce feminine elegance into my Fashion World. I will share my secrets on how to attract the man of your dreams. As a little surprise in the program, we will make a rainbow  - what is your favorite flower -  gifts for you. I believe that each of you deserves happiness because it is you who are amazing and incredible. An interesting program of champagne and caviar and a sea of ​​Positive awaits you

We are glad to receive each of you to our cozy atmosphere.

Ticket price 295 hryvnia

For tickets and further information please contact us at

  Tel & Viber


     +352 691 838838


    +380 97 2882323

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